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 Christina Vollstedt lives in South Florida with her husband and two children (a son and daughter) and has been a decorative artist full time since 2000. She had been doing medical transcribing for a drug/rehabilitation center and they chose to do all their transcription through voice activation on their computers. That left her without a job to supplement the family's income. She felt the best alternative would be to draw on all her creative experience and that was when CV Designs was born.

Christina grew up in Central Florida in a talented family that consists of many generations of naturally gifted artists. Her grandmother painted with oils on china and her mother is an accomplished quilter and craftsperson, to name two. Christina was always given the opportunity and supplies to learn any craft or art that interested her. Of course, she thinks her mother just wanted to do the projects herself and she provided the outlet and excuse. She took a few art classes while in school and has never given up her thirst for learning new ideas and concepts in art.

Christina was introduced to decorative painting after her daughter (her second child) was born. Her mother had taken a few decorative painting classes at her local Michael's store and wanted to share how much fun she was having. It took a couple of years after that for Christina to decide that she could teach herself and bought some supplies and books and off she went. She has enjoyed learning new techniques by reading the wonderful decorative painting books available and being a part of Susan Wimbley's Painting Group on Yahoo. She currently shows her work at local craft shows and recently has begun doing murals.

Please take some time to view and enjoy her online catalog. She hopes they bring you as much joy as they have brought to her as she painted them.


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